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We Recycle Gently Used Furniture.

Red Door is located at 2513 Neudorf Drive in the heart of Clemmons, NC.


Go Green, Live Green, and Save

 Ways that Red Door supports an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle and Community:

  1. Additional Income - Reduce & Get Paid.  Un-needed and reusable furniture and home decor items can be consigned and sold for top dollar at Red Door.  Even better, you get paid to save the environment.
  2. Additional Savings - Reuse & Save.  Used furniture and decor items can be purchased at Red Door for 35%-80% less than the original new price.  Even better, all used merchandise is in great condition. 
  3. Healthy & Environmentally Wise.  Great used furniture from Red Door is safe to use and has no toxic odors.  Consumption of used furniture saves trees, reduces interstate and global transportation pollutants, and it cuts back on landfill waste.
  4. Convenient & Immediately Available.  Consigned furniture from Red Door is in-stock, assembled, and available for immediate delivery. 

You can find some really cool things at Red Door!

HOURS: Monday & Wednesday 10-5 Tuesday & Thursday 10-5 Friday 10-4 Saturday 11-3


Red Door has a full line of furniture for every room in your home.